Today’s technology-driven business environment can make your company an easy target for scam artists. The challenges are especially great in the complex procure-to-pay arena, where both fraudulent vendors and unscrupulous employees can cost you dearly. Even with the most rigorous internal protections, there are simply too many ways to escape detection.

Analysts at FY can help you tackle fraud head-on, while also reducing your future risk exposure. We leverage the most comprehensive collection of tests, algorithms and data sources in the industry to score your entire supplier and employee population. With over a decade of proven field use, it’s the most powerful analytical engine for disbursement fraud and risk on the market today.

Our techniques and software solutions have a proven track record for fraud detection among Global 1000 companies. It helps you identify risks and take action early to protect profits – whether you’re receiving fictitious bills from fraudsters, trusted suppliers are padding invoices or employees are spearheading fraud schemes of their own.

A detailed report gives you a roadmap for remediation and improved controls – including detailed vendor risk profiles and employee-vendor risk matching.