Over the period FY has helped businesses from every industry to design and successfully implement strategies. This experience has made our approach efficient, which swiftly incorporates specific requirements and produces effective strategy. The scope of strategic review may be classified as follows.

Experts at FY have detailed experience of advising Start-ups, SMEs and Medium Size Enterprises from every industry. We design, analyse and recommend business strategies to suit your business’s position and specific requirements.

The scope of Marketing Strategy includes review of existing market position of your business or product and services and then devising strategy to ensure market share increases and improves brand image.
This also includes advice on changing expectation and customer retention.

Financial Strategy sets out how the organisation plans to finance its over all operations now and in the future.
Experts at FY frame short-term and long-term financial strategies for clients. This includes advise on sources of finance for: Day-to-day operations, Capital expenditure or for any Merger & Acquisition.

Our experts try to assess change before it occurs to help you understand new demands and emerging market expectations.
This is considered as one of the important management tools to ensure business sustainability and going-concerns.